Kiss the Girls

Kiss the Girls  - James Patterson When I first learned about this series, I heard that Kiss The Girls was the best in the series, possibly the best Patterson book. I went into it thinking it would be good, but didn’t know that it would have the effect that it had. I could not stop reading it and spent most of the last two days reading. I seriously could not put it down. I felt like I was addicted to Alex Cross and the story the way he was addicted to Casanova and the disappearances.
Some people criticize Patterson’s character development through books, but I happen to think it’s a strong point. I love that Cross is a huge guy that seems to scare people but is really just a loving single father in the ghetto. I love that the more I read these books, the more I learn about Alex, Sampson, Nana, and Alex’s kids. I enjoy the chapters that are dedicated to Alex sitting with his family and listening to his kids talk about whatever they can think of. I love his kids like they are my little cousins and I think Patterson writes about them really well.
The plot was intense from the first page down to the last sentence. There were so many twist and turns that I could never get too comfortable thinking one way for too long because I changed how I thought so often. Some people may not like that, but I love books that I am confused all the way until the end because that makes the end that much more intense. The plot never got boring for me.
All of the books come from Alex’s POV, but there are chapters where you are with other characters. In this book, there were chapters with the killer’s thoughts on display, Naomi’s thoughts of display, and some chapters on Gentleman’s thoughts. Not many authors can pull this off so well, but Patterson does a great way of putting different characters front and center for a chapter or two and not confusing the readers or making it annoying.
His writing is superb as well. I like that Patterson has the killer’s thoughts on display right up until Cross is onto something in the case and then we are left in the dark along with Cross. It makes the book exciting and nerve-wracking. I can’t wait to pick up the next book in this series and see what happens with Alex Cross next.