7th Heaven (Women's Murder Club)

7th Heaven (Women's Murder Club) - James Patterson Originally posted on my book blog!

Actual rating: 3.75

This book wasn’t as intense or gripping as the other ones. I could easily put this down for a few hours to do something else and hardly think about the book. That’s not to say that the book was bad, it just wasn’t as exciting and thrilling as others in the series. The book starts out with a bang but it fizzled out at times. It’s unfortunate because there were two very interesting plots that were in this book, it just didn’t work.

There is an arsonist on the loose that is burning up homes along with the people living in the home. After three houses and six victims, there are no leads. There is no evidence of how the fires even started. The only thing that they find at all the crime scenes in a book with a sentence in Latin in the book. This plot was sad but it just didn’t hit me the way others had. I can’t put my finger on it, but I just wasn’t gripping the book and speed reading to find out who the arsonists were and their reasoning for it. I also was a little disappointed with how this plot ended. Maybe I’ll read it again and appreciate it more, but I just found it odd.

The other plot was a little more exciting. The governor’s son is widely know around the country- for having a heart defect. Everyone knows who Michael Campion is. “The boy with the Broken Heart” has been missing for three months. No ransom note, no call home, no letters, absolutely no contact. Also no leads. Until there is a tip on the tip line and it’s not pretty. This story also went from “This is going to be awesome!” to yeah but where is the rest? I just didn’t feel connected to this plot. I was surprised by the ending of this one and I rather liked it, which bumped up my rating a little bit.

The one part of this book that I felt connected to was the romance/relationship with Joe. He’s finally in San Francisco full time and their relationship is growing into something that I could definitely handle reading about for a long time. But then there’s also her super attractive partner at work. She hasn’t gone and said that she has feelings for him, but it’s apparent that there is something there. I am exciting to see how these two relationships grow or fizzle in the coming books.

I love this series, so I won’t give up on it after a book that I didn’t love, but I do hope that the next one is better. Maybe I’m in a book funk which is possible.