The Overlook (Harry Bosch, #13)

The Overlook (Harry Bosch, #13) - Michael Connelly Review first seen on my blog!

My review: This book series is different for me than other ones I am currently reading. I do not read this series in order. I’ve read random books like the 3rd, 6th, 10th, 11th, 15th, and now this one (14th in the series.) I go about this series in a different way. I can’t judge his character development because I’ve seen him in three different jobs with four different partners and completely different ages. I just around with him and I’m fine with that, but it does make it hard to know what I’m getting into when I start one of these books. I was not expecting what I got with this book but I highly enjoyed this one.

The Overlook is different from any other Harry Bosch book (I’d expect a book like this in the Alex Cross series.) “[Harry Bosch] was used to chasing killers motivated by greed or lust or any of the seven deadly sins. Religious extremism wasn’t often on the list.” This quote from the book perfectly explains why this book was so different from most of his. Bosch has had a few books that I’ve read that had to involve the feds, but this one was different than all of those. It was nice to get a different type of story.

The execution style murder sets the scene right away making the readers wonder if it was a terrorist attack or something different. I was completely taken aback by how this book formed and ended. I was ready to give it three stars at one point and then I found out who the killer was and I very quickly bumped it up to four stars. I read a lot of books where I am surprised by the killer, but this one was especially surprising.

As I mentioned, the FBI showed up in this book and I’ve noticed that every Bosch book that involves the feds has an emotion that I physically feel while reading: distrust. I can just feel Bosch’s anger and distrust for the FBI and it makes the book that much more gripping. I love seeing if he’ll go along with them or fight them the whole book. I like seeing how he sticks with the FBI and the investigation even if they try to push him out. When I got done reading this book, I found a Q&A with Connelly in the back. I love Q&A’s so obviously I was very excited o see it. There was a question that caught my attention:

Question: “A recurring theme in your novels is the lack of trust between the FBI and the LAPD. Is this a realistic assessment of these two organizations? “

Connelly: “On some levels there is no doubt that there is a lack of trust and I am not sure there should be. They are two huge organizations that deal with sensitive, sometimes life-and-death investigations. I don’t think in some of these situations it would be very smart for one organization to share vital or dangerous information with the other when it could be disseminated through thousands of people you don’t even know?”

For a while, I wasn’t sure if this distrust was just in fictional books or why they even wrote it in a way that makes it seem like hatred between the two organizations. After seeing this answer and really thinking about, it really makes sense and I think I’m going to enjoy seeing these two departments and others like it when they are joined together on a case.

Since the FBI showed up, it’s obvious that Rachel Walling is going to show up right along with them and be an important character in the book. I love when Rachel is in the books. She has been in two Harry Bosch novels that I’ve read and two Jack McEvoy novels. I really really hope she continues to be in more. She’s an important FBI agent that puts works ahead of everything else. She’s independent and basically just a really awesome badass.

Harry also has a new partner (although I don’t know why because I didn’t read the book before this one, so I was a little confused by this but oh well.) His new partner is Ignacio Ferras, a rookie cop looking to get some tips from the veteran. Harry has problems with his new partner at first and one of my favourite things in the book is when he finally treats him like a partner. I probably squealed a little and looked like an idiot but whatever.

Memorable quote: I don’t have a memorable quote; I just really enjoyed when Harry treated Ignacio like a partner. I hope he sticks along with him for a little while.

Things I got from this book: LAPD and FBI don’t get along, even in real life! I still totally ship Harry and Rachel even if they don’t like each other. Even though Harry is getting older, he’s still awesome.