To All the Boys I've Loved Before

To All the Boys I've Loved Before - Jenny Han When I first got done reading this book I loved it. Then I really started thinking about it. I took a few days off to really think about it and came to a conclusion: I don't know if I like Jenny Han or if I don't like this book.

This book is not a romance book and do not let anyone tell you it is. There is no romance in it. If this book were being lauded as a book on how to get over an embarrassing and potentially creepy situation, then it wouldn't be as annoying to me.

Basically, Lara Jean has written "love letters" to every boy she has ever "loved." She never sent them out but oopsies they were sent out to all these boys. And, double oopsies, one of those boys was her sister's ex boyfriend. She then has to lie to her sister's ex boyfriend by fake dating another guy that she sent the letters out to.

That had potential to be good. Like, imagine if she then found out that Other Boy loved her and they live happily ever after? Or what if her and Other Boy become really good friends and he helps her get over this embarrassing situation? There were so many good things that could have happened. But they didn't.

I said there was no romance in this book because there weren't. Sure, we are supposed to think that she ~looooves~ her sister's ex boyfriend, but it just sounds like she has a crush on him. There just is no love and romance and I'm done talking about this.

She was also extremely immature. I'm not sure if Jenny Han wants all of her 16 year old characters to sound 12, but they do. But at least Lara Jean didn't stick her tongue out at people when they upset her.

The one thing that really made me mad was that Lara Jean and her sister are supposed to be really close, but then how did she just never tell her sister she liked her boyfriend? Like even before they started dating? That was a big hole for me that I couldn't look past.

I will say one thing though: the friendship between Chris and Lara Jean was healthy. There were no Fake Friends or "frenemies" in this book like there were in the Summer series.

All in all, I saw my romance, no character growth, and no plot. I won't be re-reading this book. I also am debating on if I want to read another Jenny Han book.