We'll Always Have Summer

We'll Always Have Summer - Jenny Han “Conrad. No, Jeremiah. No wait, Conrad. Okay definitely Conrad. Wait, I hate Conrad so Jeremiah. But I don’t like Jeremiah either?? So no one! Wait but Conrad.” -me during the whole book

What I lacked to see “The Summer I Turned Pretty” and somewhat saw in “It’s Not Summer Without You” I finally saw it, fully, in “We’ll Always Have Summer.” I think seeing how this trilogy ended, the first two books make sense. That doesn’t mean I’m a huge fan of them now, but I see why they were how they were.

The biggest changes for me were Belly. She’s much older now and she acts older. She’s not sticking her tongue out at everyone that upsets her. She’s not crying when Steven doesn’t invite her somewhere. Belly is 18 and acts 18. The more I read this book, the more I found parts of myself in Belly and that made me like her a lot more. Belly is a lovable character in this book. I was rooting for her and somewhat rooting for what *I* would want if I were her but that’s beside the point. Her relationship with Taylor has grown a lot as well. They aren’t secretly hating each other and calling the other a slut all the time. It’s refreshing to finally see a healthy girl friendship in a YA book.

The plot was also much easier to find in this book. The Summer I Turned Pretty didn’t really have a plot to me. It was just us learning about Belly and how she felt about Conrad. The second book was setting up her inevitable relationship with Jeremiah. You can’t have a proper love triangle if you’re not going to date both of them, so we all knew that she would end up with Jeremiah in that book. This book was focused on who she would finally be with in the end. I knew that at the end of the book, I would know who she was going to marry. That was why it only took me a day to read this book; because I just needed to know who it was.

Throughout the book, my opinion changed on who she should be with. Sometimes Conrad showed potential and sometimes Jeremiah did. Most of the time neither of them did. Sometimes they both did. It was confusing for me and I felt like I was on an exciting roller coaster ride. I don’t even remember who I ended up wanting her with but I know that I was going to be happy and somewhat disappointed with whoever she chose since I didn’t like either of them.

The only thing that I didn’t like about this book was that Jenny Han switched the characters around to make them liked or hated so there would be more drama. The “awful thing” that Jeremiah does in this book would NEVER be done in the first two books. I was skeptical as to why it was even in the book because it was just not like Conrad at all. It seemed forced and that annoyed me. Han wanted us to cheer for Conrad for a while, so she made us hate Jeremiah by changing his whole personality.

The same with Conrad was done. While we were off hating Jeremiah for something he would never do, Conrad was a loving person that would never hurt Belly and we ~~obviously~~ had to cheer for him because he would never do what Jeremiah did! Conrad was a jerk to Belly the first two books. Broke up with her at prom in the second book and then in the third book he’s this loving guy that she should be with? It didn’t seem genuine to me.

There were some things that I didn’t like about this book, especially the character swap. But I loved the rest and am glad that I have this series a go.