The 9th Judgment

The 9th Judgment - James Patterson, Maxine Paetro Originally on my book blog!

Once I read the first few pages, I knew that it would be impossible to put this book down until I know how they solved the crimes. The 9th Judgement starts out the same way that many other Women's Murder Club books do-- focused on the killer. We knew who the suspects were from the very beginning; we just didn't know how Lindsay was going to find out. This book didn't take me long to read because it was somewhat short but it was filled with drama. I found myself taking it in the car with me everywhere (even at 2 am and using my phone as a book light), taking it to other rooms with me, and reading in the middle of the night. It was an addictive book and ending in a way that made me want to rush to the library to pick up 10th Anniversary.

One thing that I liked about this book was that we were in the know from the beginning. A few other books have the suspects using code names so we don't really know who it is until the end, but this time we knew from the beginning. The writing has to be really good once we know who the suspects are, otherwise it would be a drag finding out how Lindsay found them.

The writing was spectacular in this book. The suspects seemed like real people which was scary depending on which suspect we're talking. The dialogue between characters never seemed fake or pushed. After 9 books you either give up on what you want the character to talk like and act like or you perfect it; this series has perfected it. The suspenseful scenes were impossible to pause because they never slowed down until everything was done. I never felt bored when reading this book but especially these parts. The romance was written well.

Lindsay has finally decided that she loves Joe! After 8th Confession, I was a little annoyed with her because she was jealous of the growing relationship between Conklin and Cindy, but in this book she is happy for them and I'm not annoyed anymore. Cindy and Yuki weren't in this book as much. Cindy didn't have much to write and Yuki only had one court case. The only time they were all together was at Susie's after work a few times. When the four of them are together, I feel like I am sitting at the table with them. The dialogue is fun and easy and friendly.

The suspects in this book were vastly different. One was a very scary killer and the other was a jewel thief. Both scary, both dangerous, both mysterious. I was surprised to find how these two fit together. Without one, the other one would have failed in this book. Moving between crimes was easy and not awkward at all. This book was the best at that.

This goes to anyone that gave up on this series in the rough patch at book 5 and 6: pick it back up. It does get so much better. I would have regretted if I let this one go because it seems that the books are getting better and better now. I don't think I can get any higher than 5 stars, but I will find a way.

I recommend this to anyone that likes mystery and thriller books and James Patterson fans.. This is a must read.