To the Nines

To the Nines  - Janet Evanovich Originally on my book blog!

I really did not think that these books could get any funnier, but this would almost killed me. I'm not sure if I read this when I was sleep deprived (I did) or if it's really just that funny (it is) but I could not contain my laughter for very long. Every part of this book, the humor, the mystery, and the romance, came together perfectly to make a seriously fabulous book.

This book had some of the funniest material I've seen in a book. When Lula wasn't talking about her "diet" (a no carb diet, so she decided she would eat meat 24/7), she was losing her luggage on the way to Vegas. When she wasn't doing either of these, Stephanie was going through Ranger's employees like she usually does with his cars. I didn't go a full five pages without finding something hilarious. It was the best workout I've had in months, so thank you Janet! After going from a very serious and heavy Alex Cross novel, going to a hilarious and clueless Stephanie Plum novel was just what I needed.
The mystery was a great plot and kept the book going smoothly. Most of her books don't have a seriously intense part but this one had a scene where I was on the edge of my seat and trying to breathe (and failing). It was interesting and fun and unique. There was a lot more mystery in this one than others because she actually had to search for the guy instead of just try to pick him up at home.

Ranger Ranger Ranger Ranger Ranger. Oh you didn't ask me who I like more? Well it's Ranger, in case you ever want to. I ship Ranger and Stephanie forever. If only he was "marriage type" but I digress. Stephanie is somewhat dating Joe in this book while also spending some quality time with Ranger. Nine books in and she still hasn't picked one of them. Neither of them are really marriage material at this moment, much to Stephanie's mother's dismay. Most people would get bored or plain annoyed that she's dragging both guys along for 9+ books, but I read these books in part to see what happens with Ranger or Joe.

If you want a light read with a good plot, great characters, and fabulous humor: pick up this series. Seriously, do it. I dare you.

Have you read any of these books? Are you a Babe or a Cupcake? (I stole this from Sharon @ The Book Barbies so thank her for it)