Seven Up

Seven Up - Janet Evanovich I go into these books knowing that there is going to be romance, humor, and a lot of car crashes. This one was no different. Stephanie had to pick up Eddie DeChooch, an old man who missed his court date. Simple enough since he’s an old guy, but apparently not for Stephanie and Lula. I lost count of how many times they had him and lost him, but somewhere around 8 or 9.
This book was hilarious with Grandma and Mooner hanging out (I didn’t see that coming but now that it happened it seems completely normal), a marriage proposal from Morelli, and Stephanie’s perfect sister in town. There were moments where I had to set the book down until I stopped laughing.
Key points: Dialogue is on point throughout the whole book. Each character has their own voice and even though the book only comes from Stephanie’s POV, I can relate to every character in their own way. Perfect comedy, perfect romance, and perfect mystery. A+ book by an A+ author and an A++ book series.